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Educational Computing in the Electronic Age
Dr. Jerry P. Galloway
Activity Sheet
Graphics Activities
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I. Object-Oriented Gr------II. Free-Style Drawing

I. Object-Oriented Graphics
These type of graphics involve creating and using actual objects - things, like lines, boxes, circles, etc.  The image at the right was created in Ms.Word using the tools on the Drawing Tool Bar.

Your assignment is to recreate the image at the right using the graphics tools available in Ms.Word.

The text in the image should say Created by John Smith (using your first and last name) and place one word per line arranged vertically just like the example at the right.

It is ok if the scale of the image is a bit larger or smaller but the proportions should resemble the example provided.  The shading from dark to light of both the upper antenna-like appendages as well as the body of the image are both important and required in your product.

Check with your instructor as to whether you should turn in an electronic or disk copy or instead a hardcopy printout.


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II. Free-Style Drawing

You are to create a free-style drawing using a bit-mapped graphics drawing program selected by your instructor.  The drawing must reflect the use of at least six(6) drawing tools aside from those tools that merely control or manipulate the imagery.  The output or effects of the six drawing tools should be properly and tastefully integrated into the drawing.  Ask your instructor about the required topic or theme of the drawing.

The file is located in the WP_FILES folder on the textbook CD and is called:   DRAWING.DOC

Record the name of each tool used in creating the drawing.  Record the information on the form provided as a Ms. Word file...   HERE.

Ask your instructor whether the completed image and accompanying tool-use record should be submitted electronically, on disk or on hardcopy printout.

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