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Educational Computing in the Electronic Age
Dr. Jerry P. Galloway
Activity Sheet
Beginner & Introductory Activities
Technology & Hardware
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I. Identify parts and connections of a computer

Instructions:  You are expected to identify hardware and connections on an actual computer for which you have access.  The assignment presents an image of a computer's front and back sides and a list of parts to be identified.  You are to place the corresponding letter of each component part onto the drawings to mark its location on the front or back image.  Use a letter more than once if appropriate to account for additional devices.  Cross out any device not found on your machine.

You can select the model of the computer case that matches the machine you will examine in the assignment.  Select the image below to access the assignment as a Ms.Word file.

Desktop Model

Tower Model

Notebook Model
--------------Click One...

II. Identify a full computer system and peripherals

Instructions:  Using AN ACTUAL COMPUTER…  Identify each of the components from the picture provided and label each device with the brand name, device type or write “OK” on the corresponding blank below the image.  If it is discovered that the item is in fact NOT present in the computer setup then write “NO” on the blank.   Also, you are to identify each device that can serve as an “INPUT” device.  Any device that is both an Input and Output device qualifies as an Input device.

The activity is provided on the CD in a Word file called:    PERIPHRL.DOC

Access the assignment Word file:  HERE


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