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Educational Computing in the Electronic Age
Dr. Jerry P. Galloway
Activity Sheet
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I. Linear Presentation------II. Virtual Tour-----III. Curriculum Tutorial

The user-interface of all products below must be a quality, appealing and informative display which is motivational, user-friendly and easy to use.  All products below are expected to be substantially developed making use of all the creative technical ideas covered in the course.

I. Linear Presentation

The intent of this project is to support a presentation to a passive audience that listens and obseves the screen during the presentation.

This project is primarily information delivery and explanation.  It need not be instructional or even cover traditional curriculum areas.  Structurally, the stack involves cards arranged in a sequential fashion for a linear presentation.  Graphics may be limited to the separation and delimitation of screen areas rather than informative communication.   However, both "line/shape" graphics as well as clip art must be included.  HOTSPOTS can be part of the text itself, attached to the card, or attached to graphic "buttons" displayed on screen.

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II. Virtual Tour Utility

This project must be multidirectional and is designed to provide the reader with the ability to learn about events or activities in and throughout a geographic area.  Consider a map of a building in which one clicks on rooms to discover the purpose of that room or an event that may be scheduled in that room.  This could be cross-referenced with lists of activities which then reveal map locations.

The point of this project is to provide to the reader a realistic "visit" to a geographical area that they cannot actually attend.  Lists of information will not achieve the "simulation" that is implicit in this project.

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III. Curriculum Tutorial

Develop a stack around a traditional subject area of your choice.  The stack should be instructional and include learning objectives in that subject area.  While this project is more free-form and less restrictive than those above, it should be more elaborate and should reflect all creative aspects of screen design, information delivery and user-interface covered in the course.  This includes multi-directional arrangement of screens, animation where appropriate, color, sound, etc.

The intent of this project is to provide a learning tool that the reader can use to sufficiently cover a topic without the presence of a teacher.


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